Monday, December 3, 2012

Viking Block Blog update

It has been has been a long time since we have updated our blog... We are going to more active with our blog from now on. Here are a few pics to start off. Many more to come....... Oxie Skatepark in Malmo, Sweden, a different take on the Use of Viking Block

Frontside air Bryggeriet indoor vert on Viking Block section. Pic Dave Östlund

Oxie skatepark, Viking Block section. Concreatures skateparks

Lomma skatepark, Concreatures skateparks. Sweden

Tolouse France, Zut Skateparks. Txus over the stairs. Pic Alex Mosterin

Båstad skatepark, Concreatures skateparks at work, Sweden. pic Tim Klint

Båstad skatepark bowl view with Viking Block